Maman musings:

#1. Even when you're up at 5am because your baby's teething, a Seattle spring sunrise is still phenomenal.
#2. I wish someone would have told the 16-year-old version of myself that driving around with the windows down blasting some ridiculously loud music would unbeknownst to me wake up babies from their naps, irritating the hell out of some poor new maman.
#3. Why do I feel guilty taking the carpool lane with my babes? They are tiny little people, but they are people and if anyone should have a special lane to themselves it's parents.
#4. A vacation with babies is not a vacation.
#5. Don't ever, ever doubt your maman instincts. They are always right.
#6. It is not worth giving asparagus to babies. They don't yet appreciate the seasonal importance and anyone who's ever eaten a bit too much in one sitting can only imagine the horrendous smell of their diapers.

You know you're a new parent when:

#1. You test the temperature of all liquids on the inside of your wrist.
#2. You find yourself texting your friends at 2am and it's not because you're drunk.
#3. You hear a song with bagpipes in it and look around frantically thinking it's your crying baby.
#4. All conversation with other adults somehow seems to end up at either breastmilk, childbirth, placentas or a combination of the three.
#5. You see the Milky Way and think of boobs.
#6. You become an emotional wreck any time there is a sappy child-parent scene on television, even/especially the over-exaggerated ones.

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